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Women in Ministry Series

This is the home page for the Women in Ministry Series, which is a series of guest posts at that encourage women to pursue their God-given callings.

The series concluded in 2013. All posts that were part of the series may be found here.

About the Blog Series 
The Women in Ministry series was founded by Ed Cyzewski in January 2012. Ed explains, "I knew two things from the beginning:
1. It was something I needed to start.
2. I would hand it over to someone else some day."

I am incredibly honored to take the reigns of this critically important (and critically acclaimed) series. Every Friday in 2013 I will be sharing guest posts by women that tell stories about women in ministry: serving, planning, leading, or teaching. It could be your story. It could be a story you tell about someone you know. We need to tell stories about women in ministry because God is calling women to productive ministry, but there are a lot of negative voices calling them into question. In some quarters we’ve prevented over half of our churches from potentially embracing their calling.

Do you want to contribute? Here are two things you can do:

Contact me at katherinepershey (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in sharing a story. Please use Women in Ministry as your subject header, and send a 3-4 sentence description of what you plan to write before composing the entire post just so I can make sure it has some continuity with the rest of the project. I’m looking for something in the 400-800 word range that tells the story of a woman who effectively ministered in your life or how God has called you into ministry. The goal is to encourage women to follow God’s calling into ministry and to demonstrate that women can effectively teach, serve, and lead in any ministry.

You can also help promote the series by linking to this page with the 200×200 pixel badge in my sidebar. If you need a different size, just let me know.

Encourage Others (The Comment Policy) 
I hope that you’ll share a bit of your own story in the comments and affirm the women who share as part of this series. This is a place for encouraging women in ministry, not to question their callings. There are plenty of other places on the internet to discuss women in ministry, even other posts on this blog where I welcome the discussion. This series however is not the place for that.

Any comments that question whether a woman should be in ministry in the first place will be removed. That isn’t to say you can’t disagree with the content of the post. Disagreement about the post’s content is welcome. However, while everyone interested is invited to this conversation, my prerequisite for comments in this series is a desire to encourage women in ministry–wherever and whatever that may be.

If you don’t like someone telling you that you can’t chime in and speak your mind on this topic, congratulations. You now understand how women in the church have felt for centuries.

This comment policy was crafted by Ed Cyzewski, and as I wholeheartedly stand behind it, I bear the responsibility for its flaws and imperfections that may arise as I strive to create a safe place for an encouraging discussion.

But Should Women Serve in Ministry? (The Disagreement Policy)
If you have any concerns about whether women should serve in ministry, Ed has suggested you read the excellent writings of evangelical Bible scholar NT Wright on that topic, as well as Christians for Biblical Equality for more stories. I also encourage you to subscribe to Fidelia's Sisters, the publication of The Young Clergy Women Project.

You can also read Ed's books Coffeehouse Theology and The Contemporary Issues Study Guide for a pretty thorough treatment of how theology and culture applies to women in ministry, and my book, Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family, a memoir about my experience as a pastor, mother, and wife.